Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DB 101

It's no secret I love Clayton's work @ everyoneisfamous.com, but he got the Landon Twins confused with the Ed Hardy Twins recently at the Ford Models holiday party.

So that there no confusion left in this tiny world of wonders, here is a refresher course:

These are the Landon Twins. Club promoters who are known to
wear 4-6 watches between them at one time. They are fond of anything puffy, one of them can't seem to lose that camouflage T-shirt, and they do internet searches on themselves at least 10 times per day.

These are the Ed Hardy Twins. Club promoters who wear nothing but Ed Hardy, Smet, Affliction or Obey. Are fond of anything tanorexic, implanted, or out of their league.

Yes, I know it can get confusing.
Who would ever think that Chicago would have two sets of twin club promoters? I wrote more about them here earlier this year.

BTW, if there any other sets of twin club promoters in any other city out there, please let me know.

top: everyoneisfamous.com
bottom: wannaparty.com

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