Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ed Hardy Twin Promoters Show No Sign Of Slowing Down

I'm convinced they get paid in drink tickets, Ed Hardy T-Shirts, and quite possibly, girls who wear gem encrusted T-Shirts from Bebe.

I don't understand why they promote nightclubs in Chicago when they can be working for their hero, Christian Audigier, in Vegas.

That's right. Maybe I've been sleeping under a rock, or just don't care, but I just found out there is a Ed Hardy nightclub at The Treasure Island Hotel in Vegas. And from looking at the photos, there seems to be a lot of horse leg action going down there.

Bonus photo of the "Fashionable Nightlife" DJ:

So now all the Ed Hardy-wearing, power tool douchebags finally have a place they can call home. Do you think they turn away guys wearing Affliction T-Shirts?

I predict the club closes down in about 6 months.

top photo from Robert Ayers II
everything else from The Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Fashionable Nightlife Nightclub

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