Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What A Tease

Imagine my delight when I was cruising through the newly posted photos on Chicago-Scene.com and came upon this photo.
At first glance, it just looks like two ordinary girls enjoying a night out--probably talking about how crappy their day jobs are, or what they're going to do with themselves now that Dancing With The Stars is over.

Then you look a little closer and it really truly looks like the one on the left is wearing a coat made out of a freshly washed wig.
I mean, it wouldn't be the first time someone fabricated clothing made out of hair. The big jolly gay man on Project Runway made part of his final collection with real human hair and scared the bejeezus out of Heidi Klum. (He was then immediately eliminated, escorted out of the building by security, and beat up in the alley for wasting the producers time and money--at least this is what I like to imagine they do to eliminated contestants.)

Sadly, after staring at her padded-shoulder-wig-jacket for about a good 5 minutes, I realized that it isn't a jazzy little hair ensemble after all, but someone else's big mellon getting caught in the foreground.

Thanks to Chicago-Scene

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