Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tucking it in: The Life of a Go-Go dancer

I've never understood why nightclubs insist in using "Go-Go" dancers on their dance floors, though through careful observation, I've noticed that most of these "gals" use all kinds of tricks to make themselves look more endowed, or less, well, mannish.

The one on the left demonstrates a hair trick. By covering her face with a Donald Trump comb-over she effectively hides her face and spares us the agony of having to look directly into both of her eyes. Take special note of her lack of ass and weird boob placement.

This one is was nice enough to show us her best "I'm taking a dump" dance move. This must be her favorite move because she looks really into it. Be careful girl! You can get hemorrhoids if you strain too hard!

A sure way to safeguard your falsies from falling out is to protect them by providing them with a good safety net, as this fine gentleman on the left is illustrating for us.

This special little lady gets the prestigious honor of taking home the first award for Best Tuck Job of The Week.
Congratulations, mister sister!

*photo credits to Chicago-Scene.com and WannaParty.com

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