Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stick Your Tongue Out in Nightclub Photos

5. It makes you look like a complete obnoxious moron. (Please let me also note here that middrift shirts exposing beer-bellies, and dudes who wear sunglasses in clubs will alway insight a vomit-a-thon.)

4. Your tongue ring could be mistaken for a wart, or other various STDs. (Probably shouldn't wear a low cut blouse if you have extensive stretch marks on your boobies either--just throwing that freebie out there.)

3. Sticking out your tongue can make you look like a thirsty, poisonous lizard who escaped from someone's basement.

2. You come off as desperate, deranged, and deformed. Triple threat!

1. And finally, the number one reason you should not stick your tongue out in photos:

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