Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to be a Wicker Park Hipster: A tutorial in pictures

First and foremost, to be a true blue hipster you must have a PBR in hand at all times. Also, forget about smiling in photos. Hipsters either make a stupid "look what a tool I am" face, or a super serious "look what a tool I am" face. It's your choice.

This scenester is passionate about his hipness.. Not only does he have two PBRs, but he also has the sinister hipster mustache--a must for any hardcore, dedicated hipster. I don't how he does it. Photobucket

Every good hipster wears a hat, even if said hat looks like a colostomy bag.

Hipsters who wear trucker hats never shape them. Just find a hat that looks like it was made for a 300 pound hunter in Canada, plop it on your head and you will have instant hipsterness.Photobucket

In their attempt to look like they think about other things besides PBR and trying to look retro, hipsters like to wear glasses. However, make sure your glasses aren't real because a real hipster doesn't wear prescription lenses in his frames. Too be really super scene, don't have lenses in the frames at all...but that's a whole other level of mind-blowing hipsterdom. Photobucket

When all else fails and you don't have any PBR, fake glasses, or the time to grow a pedophile mustache, you can always throw on that flannel shirt you use to wash your fixed-gear bike with. I mean, who ever thought that wearing something that resembles a 1970s table cloth would be so rewarding? I don't think any of the above scenie boppers could have gotten into the coolster club without them.

A hipster in his own habitat is a happy hipster. God speed little guy!

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